Courses in learNGO

This is an overview over the courses that are available to you as an employee.

    Featured learning

    actlearn tutorials

    This resource will help you with everything you need to get started on First of all, it covers how to make a user and log in. You can also find help if you want to make new trainings or resource articles like this one!

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    The Remote Cash Course

    In an emergency where access is difficult, or severely restricted, how do you decide if a Cash Transfer Programme (CTP) is appropriate? This course will walk you through the evaluation process and give you the tools you need to make an informed decision.


    It is available in English, French and in Arabic so that you can share it with your partner and field staff in hard to reach areas. It’s designed for situations when sticking to normal best practice is impossible.

    You can access this course and do the exercises online by clicking the link below. If you want to access this course offline (and you don’t want to sign up), you can find it in the Google Play App store.

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    RE-THINKING TRAINING Information Page

    In progress

    Is training and capacity development part of your work?  Do you seek new skills to facilitate more effective learning processes? Or do you want to learn more about blended learning, the game changer within capacity building?

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